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2020 Workshop Series


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Workshop Courses

Welcome to the workshop series designed to get you and your business growing. We have five categories of courses and four courses in each category. The flow of the courses is strategic so that you can build upon each lesson – or take each lesson individually. There are bonuses for taking all four in a topic & how many courses you attend*

Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm (see schedule below)

Cost: $45 (includes lunch)

Location: Nationwide Solar & Energy
6407 NE 117th Ave Suite B, Vancouver, WA 98662

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Email if you want to reserve for 8+ workshops or have a group you would like attend. We can help you get registered.

The Course List

Digital Marketing
This is the digital age. If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy together, these courses are a MUST for you and your Brand.

If you take all four courses you will get a bonus!

1) Assess Your Visual Brand3/5/2020 REGISTER HERE
2) Creating a Clear Brand Story3/19/2020 REGISTER HERE
3) Telling Your Story in the Digital World3/26/2020 REGISTER HERE
4) Creating a Strong Visual Content Plan4/16/2020 REGISTER HERE

Business Building
This broad based topic will be broken down into four critical areas. When addressed, these four areas will keep your business moving as you grow yourself and your brand.

If you take all four courses you will get a bonus!

1) Closing Skills for the Non-Salesy4/30/2020 REGISTER HERE
2) How to Build Systems for Your Biz Now5/21/2020 REGISTER HERE
3) How You Matter in Your Biz 6/4/2020 REGISTER HERE
4) How to Use a Content or Focus Calendar6/18/2020 REGISTER HERE

Networking: Live & Digital
Networking is a must in virtually any business. Will you be engaging in live, digital or both types of networking? Do you have a plan or strategy for your networking and a way to measure your success? These courses will teach how to all this and more.

If you take all four courses you will get a bonus!

1) Creating a Networking Strategy
2) Building Connections Digitally7/16/2020 REGISTER HERE
3) The Art of In Person Networking7/30/2020 REGISTER HERE
4) The Fortune is in the Follow Up8/6/2020 REGISTER HERE

Speaking Skills
Whether doing sales presentation, client meetings, or public speaking we all use speaking skills every day. One of the most important skills we can develop is our ability to speak and convey our thoughts clearly and concisely. Enjoy four classes to uplevel your speaking skills no matter where you are starting out.

If you take all four courses you will get a bonus!

1) Rock Your Story Without Saying a Word9/24/2020 REGISTER HERE
2) Art of Public Speaking10/1/2020 REGISTER HERE
3) Honing Your Signature Speech10/15/2020 REGISTER HERE
4) Things to Know Before You Take the Stage 10/29/2020 REGISTER HERE

Creating Revenue Streams
Let’s talk about making money! Let’s make money by providing terrific value for a fair price. We will explore revenue streams from memberships to retreats and a number of other ways in these four workshops.

If you take all four courses you will get a bonus!

1) Creating Digital Memberships11/5/2020 REGISTER HERE
2) Exploring Programs to Build Your Biz 11/19/2020 REGISTER HERE
3) Creating Packages to Expand Your Biz12/3/2020 REGISTER HERE
4) Using Events to Reach a Larger Audience1/7/2021 REGISTER HERE

BONUS #1*: Attend all courses in one topic and receive resource list of tools, books and guides that will enhance the topics discussed & a 20-30 min Discovery Call with topic expert

BONUS #2*: For each course you attend you will be entered to win a half day with all the topic experts to help you 1:1 to dial things in.

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WHO: Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Organization Leaders

WHAT: A Hyper-Focused Lunch & Learn to Shape Your Brand, Level Up Your Skills and Boost Your Confidence

WHERE: Nationwide Solar & Energy
6407 NE 117th Ave Suite B, Vancouver, WA 98662

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You Bring YOU!

†††What you bring to the workshops is YOU. Drop the Mic 2020 Workshop Series is your chance to grow, try things out and hone in some skills to build your business in a dynamic way.

  • Bring Your Ideas
  • Bring Your Questions
  • Bring Your Plans, Goals & Dreams
  • Bring Your Unique Self
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Your Rock Star Team

The Big Mouth: Zee Coash (Zee Solutions)
The Hustle & Flow: Mairin Moore-Cane (Oak & Ivy Events)
The Visual Ninja: Amanda Goff (Silver Keys Media)

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